Friday, July 26, 2013

Here's your Friday Frightfully Funny Moment

Worried that your smart phone is getting too smart?  Well, your fears are well grounded in this short from Rooster Teeth.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 trailer gives me hope

I remember watching the first episode of AMC's The Walking Dead and feeling stunned in the opening moments.  The first zombie kill was a punch in the face for a cable network show, a moment that showed all the rules will be broken and nothing was sacred.

Then came the scene when Rick walked down the pitch black stairway in the hospital, with only matches to guide him.  Hell, that was one of the most horrific moments I'd seen on television in a long time.  Even if the ultimate resolution contained no shock or surprises, man, the anticipation every time a match burned out and he lit another was intense.

Since then, the show has faltered a bit.  The second season dragged with the search for Sophia and Lori continuing to mess things up with Shane.  And though the third season regained some of the darkness in the first season, it still was hampered by attempts to created a sympathetic villain and a weak season finale.

But I continue to wait for the show to regain the energy of the first season.  And then I found this trailer online and, well, it looks like this might be a return to form for the series.  It looks brutal, bleak and full of zombie action.  The group will fracture as the zombies become a threat once again (though it's implied someone is directing the horde against our cast) and it another big chunk of the cast might be lost.

I've been enjoying the show on a superficial level for the past two seasons, propelled by the zombie action and less by the human interactions.  But this trailer, unveiled at the San Diego Comic Con, suggests that the show is starting to return to the sense of dread and helplessness that hung over the first season like a shroud.  Here's hoping the trailer proves me right.