Friday, November 6, 2015

Well, here's this week's horror happenings....

Oh DAMN!  I just lost the entire Horror Calendar, except for the next week.


I'm sure my lacking computer skills have a part to play in this mishap, but I will get the calendar back up and running soon.  But this weekend, I'm off for more fun adventures (Comic Swaps AWAIT) and next weekend could be busy as well.  But fear not, Northwest Horror Fans, The Shadow Over Portland will be back soon, providing you the fear fix you need.  Sorry for the problems, but hey, I'm just learning this new computer stuff.  And my system is so old, it won't update anymore.

But enough of my problems, here's the update I know you all want.


The subtitled German horror film, Good Night Mommy, continues at Cinema 21 (616 NW 21st Ave) in Portland, OR, through November 12.  As a pair of twin brothers greet their mother after cosmetic surgery, the suspect the woman entering their home is their true parent.  And, as expect, things start to go bad from there.  Visit The Cinema 21 website for more details and showtimes.


The Funhouse Lounge (2432 SE 11th Ave) in Portland, OR, keeps the Halloween spirit alive with Murder Mystery Machine.  The Funhouse Lounge Improv Company craft a bloody murder mystery from audience suggestions and send the sleuths of Mystery Inc. to investigate.

ZOINKS!  Yep, Scooby Doo and his human friends will puzzle over clues, chase monsters, unmask the villain (one assumes) and consume multiple Scooby snacks.

Of course, this WON'T by like the Saturday morning cartoon we adult Horror Fans know and love.  The Funhouse Lounge considers this an R-Rated event, due to themes and simulate violence, so you are warned about bringing the kids along.

Showtimes are 7 pm through November 7.  Tickets are available in advance for $12, or at the door for $16.  For more details, and advance ticket sales, visit the Funhouse Lounge website.

Saturday, November 7

Frankenstein's Comic Swap returns to the East Portland Eagle Lodge (4904 SE Hawthorne) in Portland, OR, today at noon.  Admission is just one buck, while youths and elders get in free, but you can buy a $5 early bird pass, allowing to start shopping at 11 am.  You'll find more information at the official website and the Facebook Event Page.


And Comix Thing happens at the East Portland Eagle Lodge (4904 SE Hawthorne) in Portland, OR, from 9 pm to midnight after the comic swap.  Grab a drink at the bar, listen to DJ Cooky Chick and buy some cool stuff at the various vendors tables.  Admission is only $1, and you can find more information at the Facebook Event Page.

Thursday, November 12

Oh, this is all shades of AWESOME!  The Academy Theater (7818 SE Stark) in Portland, OR, is showing a 35mm print of Creature from the Black Lagoon, with star Julie Adams attending.  Oh, I am so SWOONING here!  Advance tickets are $10 (around $11.50 with the processing fee), which is small change for seeing Julie Adams at the screening!  You can find more details at The Academy Theater website.

Friday, November 13

The Living Dead Horror Convention happens at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR, this weekend.  The first horror convention in the Portland area, the festival features Julie Adams (Creature from the Black Lagoon), Barbara Steele (The Pit and the PendulumBlack Sunday), Adrienne King and Ari Lehman from the original Friday the 13th, cast members from Twin Peaks, director Fred Olen Ray (Hollywood Chainsaw HookersBeverly Hills VampEvil Toons) and so much more.  Visit the official website and Facebook Event Page for more details.


Well, that's all for now.  But you know the drill.  Should you be hosting an event that will interest me, and my readers, email me at and I'll get your event on the Horror Calendar and my weekly updates.
And, should you attend any of the events listed above, let the organizers know you read about it at The Shadow Over Portland!