Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Syfy bringing back Sharktopus for two sequels

I tried to get verification for this from the source, but Syfy isn't returning my calls right now (Just kidding; I'm waiting to see if my feedback email gets answered).  But, if true, expect to see two new Sharktopus sequels in the near future!

I'm coming to kick your butt, Sharknado!

I know, Sharktopus exploded at the end of his feature debut, but we all know that won't keep a good monster down.  Or get in the way of someone trying to make money off a known commodity.  And as the eight-tentacled eating machine was one of Syfy's highest rated movies, it seems surprising it took this long to bring the big guy back after Sharknado made such a splash.

Oh yes, pun intended.

According to Dread Central, the first film will be Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda.  I have no idea what type of beast a Pteracuda is, but it sounds like a combination of a pterodactyl and a barracuda.  A flying fish with a mouthful of razor sharp teeth battling a shark/octopus hybrid sounds awesome.  Now all Syfy has to do is get Heart involved (or at least have Ann and Nancy Wilson in the movie) and I'm sold.  Sorry, Asylum, I told you a monster barracuda and the Heart sisters would be a match made in heaven. Now I can only hope Syfy is reading....

If nothing else, let them sing the title song, as it would be awesome!

But things get even better with the next sequel, Sharktopus vs. Mermantula.  Again, according to Dread Central, a Mermantula is what you get when an ex-basketball player decides to take down Sharktopus, and allows himself to become a human/piranha/tarantula hybrid.

Okay, let that one sink in.  A Human/Piranha/Tarantula hybrid.

Not that it matters, but the film is reported to have snagged Casper Van Dien and his wife, Catherine Oxenberg, to appear in the film.  But with a Mermantula involved, this promises to be the film so craptastic that it might make your head explode.

This is my brain once the Mermantula appears

No word yet on when Syfy plans to air these films, but I suspect it will be sometime next year, as Syfy won't want to let absurd shark frenzy die out.  

Between the return of Sharktopus and Sharknado Two, it sounds like Discovery Channel better watch out during Shark Week....

This is for Snuffy, you son of a...

UPDATE: According to Roger Corman's Twitter account, Dread Central got the plot wrong in the article.  So, we still have a couple of movies involving Sharktopus and some other nasty critter.  Something tells me they don't play nice together.  After all, where's the fun in that?

Thanks, Kevin Bachelder for the link.

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