Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Zombeavers.... Really?

Yep, this is happening.  I figure Zombeavers will either cause the death of the current zombie uprising in popular culture, or end up being the GREATEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR!

By the way, the trailer is NSFW...

Yea, we've got lousy looking beaver puppets, lots of sexual innuendos and a concept that is so insane, ABC's website claims this could be the next Sharknado.  But, as Syfy has proven, all it takes is the right concept, mixed in with the perfect amount of pre-planned cheese factor, to generate a film people can't help to watch.

However, I doubt you'll see it on cable anytime soon.  With all the sophomoric humor and what appears to be a few ladies without bikini tops, this film screams direct to DVD, with a limited theatrical release.

No release date has been announced, but the film is currently hitting the festival circuit.

Oh hell, you know I've got to see it.  Sure, my soul may burn in The Hell of Bad B-Movies for it, but it could be worth it.  And I SOOOOOO hope some theater under The Shadow Over Portland will bring it to us.  And what better place to show this film, as we've got a beaver on our state flag!

And we've got the Oregon Zombeavers, er, Beavers as a college football team!  Our state screams beavers, so let's hope a few zombeavers make it to a nearby theater.

And the fact that most of the possible theaters to screen this gem probably serve beer, and you've got the must see event in the Rotten Rose City this year.  Should this happen, you know you'll find out about it at The Shadow Over Portland, so stay tuned!

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