Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome to the Friday Frightfully Funny Moment.

I'd thought about posting a weekly funny horror clip for a while, but decided against it.  Then a friend sent me a link for this clip, and I had to share.  Oh my, I almost wet my pants during the scene in the plane...

I plan to post something new every Friday, so if you have any suggestions, please send them to me at

Monday, July 8, 2013

New Chucky Trailer? Wake me when it's over.

Okay, the trailer for the new Chucky movie, Curse of Chucky, as hit the Internet and frankly, I could have slept through it....

Okay, it seems a couple have sprung up, but none have caught my interest.  Yes, I get the filmmakers are breaking away from the campy versions and going for straight horror.  Fine, but it just seems so pointless.

First, if this takes place after the third Chucky movie,why would people be so surprised that an evil soul in inhabiting a doll?  Sure, most people wouldn't believe it, but this is the age of the Internet.  Someone would have posted something about it the first three incidents, and that should come to the attention of those being stalked by the new incarnation of Chucky.

And, once someone figures out that a killer doll is coming after them, the rest is easy!  If you don't believe me, read Seth Grahame-Smith's book, How to Survive a Horror Movie.  How to Defeat a Killer Doll starts on page 81, and it's pretty straight forward.  As he puts it, beat the crap out of it, as you don't have to run away from "...something you can imprison with Legos."

I will admit, killer dolls can be scary.  Child's Play was great, but by the third movie, you'd figure everyone would have found out about the evil Chucky doll and be ready for it, or at least know enough about the Internet rumors to figure out what's happening.  Instead, we have another batch of STUPID victims lining up to be stabbed, pushed down stairs and otherwise mangles...  By a freaking DOLL!

Sorry, but maybe the campier Chucky sequels was for the best.  It's only so long you can believe someone falling for the I-don't-believe-in-killer-dolls in the age of Facebook and Twitter.  Someone would have posted a warning LONG ago.