Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Syfy and The Asylum to push their luck with Sharknado 2

A sequel?  I couldn't me more surprised than if a shark fell on my face.... OH DAMN!

Variety announced that Syf and The Asylum are teaming up to bring a Sharknado to the Big Apple.  Yes, Sharknado 2 is a go, because "... fans are clamoring for a sequel," executive VP of programming and original movies told Variety.

As most of you might know, I had a blast watching the movie last Thursday with friends, and it sounds like a lot of other viewers did the same (which, as I mentioned, could spike the viewership for the movie above the official rating).  But to presume that fans are "clamoring" for a sequel seems a bit of a reach, as the film aired less than a week ago.

I figured a sequel would happen, but that any announcement would come after a couple of repeat viewings and the DVD was released.  It would give both Syfy and The Asylum to gauge whether the first airing was pure luck, a lightening strike that might not happen ever again.  And such a delay in production would make the sequel feel like less of a cash grab.  Not that increased profits on a known commodity wouldn't cross the minds of those clamoring fans of the original, but it wouldn't feel so blatant.

Regardless, a sequel is coming, and Syfy is holding a contest for fans to come up with a subtitle.  Check out the Variety article if you want more information, but I'd suggest you don't encourage them anymore, as we all can now see what happens if we band together to enjoy two hours of cheesy goodness.  Some executive gets the bright idea to Super Size it, and we all end up bloated and with clogged arteries as a result.

Hey, at least I avoided adding in "jumped the Sharknado."  I earned the cheesy/cholesterol bit.

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