Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Joe Sherlock talks about his new movie, Blood Creek Woodsman!

Northwest horror filmmaker Joe Sherlock premieres his latest film, Blood Creek Woodsman on Sunday, November 16, at The Clinton Street Theater in Portland, OR at 4 pm.  Tickets are only $5 (cash only), so be sure to come out and support homegrown horror.

Joe was kind enough to answer a few questions about the film via email...

The Shadow Over Portland : What can you tell readers about Blood Creek Woodsman?
Joe Sherlock: My frequent film buddy John Bowker wanted to do a body count movie. He had just finished directing a project he wrote and I shot and acted in, so asked if I wanted to direct this one and produce it with him. John wrote it and really crammed in a lot of kills and we used literally gallons and gallons of fake blood! If you like bloody b-movies, 80s slashers, etc., you are likely to dig Blood Creek Woodsman.

 TSOP: It sounds like a slasher film, but so did your last film, Drifter.  Are supernatural elements in this film?
JS: Maybe. We start off finding out about Bud Kindrick, a logger who found out a terrible secret and went on a killing rampage. Then we shift to a year later and a series of bloody killings have begun. Many think it's Kindrick, back from the grave somehow, but that's the mystery - who is doing these new killings? The sheriff, his deputy, estranged wife and a nosy reporter are all trying to find out what's going on, as the body count rises around them.
TSOP:  What inspired you to make this film?
JS: As I said, John's initial inspiration was to do a body count movie, a throwback to the slashers of the 80s. I was excited by the challenge of it, since it was a big cast and lots of creative death scenes to stage, but also looked forward to putting my own flavor in the movie: a sense of fun, cool camera angles, attractive ladies and some cool gore shots.

TSOP: Can you tell us a bit about the locations where you shot the film?
JS: I had already shot one of my movies, Underbelly, at my friend's restaurant/bar and house out near Mt. Angel, Oregon. Knowing we could should there again, John had those locations in mind when writing the movie. Once we began, however, we also were shown some great places in and around the Mt. Angel/Silverton area that we took advantage of to give the movie a great rural feel. 
We also shot at an old house in Peoria, Oregon, one that we'd used before on movies like Twisted Fates and Platoon of the Dead. Another great location was a rustic cabin on a lake south of Salem, Oregon. We had shot a couple of projects there in the early 2000s and once again, it lent a terrific rural feel to the movie.
One other thing that was great was that a regular at the bar was a guy who bought, stripped and resold retired police cars. He let us use one of his cars and a couple of light bars. With some vinyl lettering and a custom door magnet, we upped the production value with some decent-looking police vehicles. 

TSOP:  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this film was shown at Cypticon Seattle a few years ago.  What have you done to the film since this screening?
JS: Yes it was, and not a whole lot. Honestly there was a bit of sound tweaking, some tightening of the edit, a bit of music enhancement. Also, we spent time getting a behind-the-scenes featurette, commentary track and blooper reel together for the dvd. With other projects going on and people being busy it has just taken a while to get all the details finished up. 
 TSOP:  I understand you’ll have a Q and A after the screening.  I assume you’ll be there.  What cast members will also be attending the premiere? 
JS: I will be there, along with John Bowker, who wrote the script. A whole bunch of cast members are planning to be there including Adam Paris, Bob Olin, Bryn Kristi, Rob Merickel, William J. Bivens and Craig Farrell. We'll also have some prizes to give out.
TSOP:  Will you have DVDs of this movie, and others in your filmography, for sale at the screening?
JS: I should have copies of Blood Creek Woodsman available along with my other stuff, including Drifter, Twisted Fates and others.
TSOP:  What’s your next project?
JS: I am at the very tail end of my weird horror/sci-fi thing called Odd Noggins. I have just a few pick-up shots to do, a small bit of editing and it will be done. Hoping to have it done and a screening set up before the end of the year if I can. You can see more info at http://www.skullfaceastronaut.com
TSOP: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.  And I hope the screening is a big success.
JS: Thanks so much, Chris. Love the blog and hope all the Portland horror and b-movie fans will come out for the Blood Creek Woodsman screening!

If you'd like to learn more about Joe Sherlock and his projects, read my interview with him before the Portland premiere of Drifter here.  And be sure to head to The Clinton Street Theater on Sunday for the premiere of Blood Creek Woodsman and support local horror filmmakers!  And be sure to bring a few extra bucks and pick up a DVD or two!!

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