Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Here's all the horrid stuff I could find happening on Wednesday, October 28!

I don't know why I'm so tired.  Maybe it was the turkey I had for dinner, maybe just the stress of the workday, but I'm heading for bed and some (hopefully) unpleasant dreams.  But here's everything coming up tomorrow, and I know the next few days will be packed with even more stuff, so some extra sleep can't hurt.

So glad daylight savings time end on November 1.


St. Helens, OR, continues to celebrate the filming of Disney Channel's Original Movie, Halloweentown at this Oregon town.  You can find more information on all the happenings through October at the Facebook Event Page.


Open Gallery (323 NW 6th Ave) in Portland, OR, presents Every Day is Halloween, an art show presented by Pork Magazine and Goblinko.  The show features original drawings by Sean Aaberg and denim vests by Katie Aaberg, a Goblinko Megamall Pop-Up Shop (and I bought a few cool things from them during the CineLucha Fest on Saturday, so check them out!) and MORE!!  The show runs through November 1, and you'll find more details at the Facebook Event Page.  


The subtitled German Horror Film, Good Night Mommy, continues at Cinema 21 (616 NW 21st Ave) in Portland, OR, through Thursday, October 29.  A pair of twin brothers suspect the woman returning to their home after cosmetic surgery is not their mother and, as expected, things go bad from there.  Visit the Cinema 21 website for more details and showtimes.  


The Funhouse Lounge (2432 SE 11th Ave) in Portland, OR, brings back a Halloween favorite with Murder Mystery Machine.  The Funhouse Lounge Improv Company craft a bloody murder mystery from audince suggestions and set loose the sleuths of Mystery Inc. to investigate.  ZOINKS!  That means Scooby Doo and his human friends will puzzle over clues, chase monsters, unmask the villain (one assumes) and treat themselves to Scooby snacks.

Of course, this isn't your standard Saturday morning fare, as the event is considered "R-rated" for themes and simulated violence.  So think twice before you bring the kiddies.

The show starts at 7 pm Thursday through Saturday, through November 7.  Tickets are available in advance for $12, and at the door for $16.  All Thursday night performances are "pay what you want," as long as tickets are available.  For more details, and advance ticket sales, visit the Funhouse Lounge website.


The Joy Cinema (11959 SW Pacific Highway) in Tigard, OR, screens Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension through October 29.  As this is a first run film, ticket prices are a bit higher, but much cheaper than most multiplexes.  Visit The Joy Cinema website for showtimes and prices.  


The Academy Theater (7818 SE Stark St) in Portland, OR, is screening The Exorcist through Halloween Night.  It should mention this is the Director's Cut, with additional scenes and some superimposed demon faces.  Not sure it such additions were needed, but watching the Spider Walk sequence on the big screen will be a treat!  Visit The Academy Theater website for showtimes.  


Also at The Grand Illusion Cinema is the animated feature Extraordinary Tales.  Based on five of Edgar Allan Poe's stories, the anthology features the voice talents of Sir Christopher Lee (his final film performance), Bela Lugosi, Julian Sands, Guillermo del Toro and Roger Corman.  I saw this film at the H, P. Lovecraft Film Festival earlier in the month and felt is was a bit uneven at times, as far as the animation is concerned, and the wrap around story is pretty lame.  Still, it's contains some great images and listening to Lee and Lugosi read Poe is a treat.  Visit The Grand Illusion website for showtimes and more details.

Wednesday, October 28

If you missed Fathom Event's screening of the 1931 classic, Dracula, as well as the Spanish version (filmed after Browning's cast and crew left the sets for the evening), you can catch tonight's repeat showing at the Lloyd Center 10 in Portland, OR, and Cedar Hills Crossing 16 in Beaverton, OR.  The screening is nationwide at 2 and 7 pm local time, so visit the link to locate theaters playing this double feature in your area.


Grind This! continues at The Laurelhurst Theater (2735 E Burnside) in Portland, OR, with a repeat screening of Demons 2 tonight at 9:45 pm.  Taking place in a modern high rise, where demons emerge from a television set airing a documentary about the events in the first film, this follows the original and doesn't make any sense at times.  But, as I like to say, mayhem ensues and it is glorious fun.  

And keep your eyes open for Asia Argento, making her screen debut at ten years of age.  Direceted by Lamberto Bava and produced by Dario Argento, this is a great gory film to usher in the Halloween season!  Visit The Laurelhurst Theater website for more details.

Grind This! is sponsored by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.  


Re-Run Theater returns to The Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy Blvd) in Portland, OR, with two spooky TV episodes.  

First up is Bad Medicine, from 1974's Kolchak: The Night Stalker.  Our intrepid INS reporter (Darrin McGavin) investigates the death of wealthy Chicago matrons, only to discover a Native American legend, The Diablero (played by Richard Kiel) is behind the murders.

Next is Field Trip from The X-Files, as Mulder and Scully (David Duchovney and Gillian Anderson) investigate the death of two hikers, their bones strip of their flesh.  Someone suspects aliens, but the threat turns out to be more terrestrial.

As always, expect classic commercials (with a Halloween theme) to play during the show.  Tickets for the 7:30 pm screening are $8, and you can find more information, and a link for advance ticket sales, at The Hollywood Theatre website.


More to come tomorrow, as The Shadow Over Portland continues to countdown to Halloween!  Thursday's events will be up soon, and then the big weekend BLOWOUT!

Remember, if you attend any of these events, let the organizers know you read about it at The Shadow Over Portland!!!

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