Friday, October 16, 2015

Kickstart your weekend with cool Cthulhu Christmas Greeting Cards!

Yeah.  Okay.  I know.  It's the middle of October.  And I'm sure you grumble as much as I about all the Christmas decorations lining the aisle of every store.  So, you must be wondering why I'm asking you to Kickstart Your Weekend by pledge support for a set of Christmas Cards.


Wouldn't your loved ones enjoy this festive card?
Well, with my family, it would reaffirm their belief that I am the weird one in the bunch!

And that's just one of a set of four that could be yours to send out to family, friends and those you wish to drive to madness!

Studio WonderCabinet has met their goal, and are now working on stretch goals.  In fact, they surpassed the first one, so all cards will be sent with a Cthulhu Christmas sticker to seal the envelopes with!

Excited yet?  Well, at $4,000 (a bit over $500 away), the studio will add festive tentacles to the envelopes you receive with your cards.  And at $5,000, a fifth card, The Innsmouth Carolers, will be added to the set of four cards sent at pledges starting at just $10!   You can pledge higher, for additional sets, or lower and receive just one card, or a PDF to print your own (included with all card pack pledges), though you don't get the envelopes and cool stickers.

Okay, one thing I didn't explain when I started this weekly feature: I put my money where my post is.  I am backing this project, because if I'm not willing to open my wallet for a project, I shouldn't be posting about it.  So I have cards coming, and my family will be wondering how I got so strange.  My friends, on the other hand, will probably be sending me one!

You can find more about this Kickstarter project, and make a pledge, at the link.  The site includes samples of previous cards the studio has put out, designs for the cards and a sketch of The Innsmouth Carolers!  You have until November 4 to make a pledge, hence the reason for posting this early in October.

And I know you'll make a pledge, because you want an Innsmouth Carolers card as much as I do.  Hell, I might keep one out of my order for myself!  Who wouldn't?

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