Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oh my, what a big update I have....

Seriously, I feel like Bigby Wolf, able to rip you apart with all the horror offerings I have, but knowing I need to temper things down....

But don't worry, that has yet to happen.
Unless you attack Portland with an army of wooden soldiers, then

But for now, I have some cool stuff to announce...


If you have an idea for a short horror film, consider submitting it Queer Horror: Nocturnal Submissions.  The bi-monthly horror film festival, with your hostess with the grossest, Carla Rossi, is looking to fill The Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy Blvd) in Portland, OR, with films that are gritty, gory, gay, sexy, scary and stupid.  In other words, almost anything goes.

There are some rules.  Nothing X-Rated (Hard R at the most) and no real-life blood or violence (animal and/or human).  Other than that, let your imagination take you to places you can photograph by camera or smart phone!

The entries may be submitted via Dropbox, Google Drive, or an e-mail attachment to  Submissions remain under the ownership of the respective filmmakers/copyright holders, and are screened for this engagement only.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 23, and the films chosen will be screened at The Hollywood Theatre on Thursday, October 29, at 9:30 pm.  Tickets are $8.

You can find more information about submissions, advanced ticket sales, and more at The Hollywood Theatre link.


Halloweentown is open for business!  St. Helens. OR, celebrates the filming of the Disney Channel Original Movie with a month long celebration, including a Haunted Hot Rod/Hearse contest and an appearance of Halloweentown actress Kimberly J. Brown (Marnie) for October 10th Pumpkin Lighting Ceremony at 7 pm.  Click on the link to the Facebook Event Page for more details about this month long celebration.

Friday, October 2

The H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival and Cthulhu con returns to The Hollywood Theatre for a 20th Anniversary bash!  Yes, the stars will be ALIGNED!!!  The festival runs through October 4 and will be full of events that will test your sanity.  Guests include Herbert West himself, Jeffrey Combs, Guest of Honor author Charles Stross (The Laundry File series), author Richard A. Lupoff, author Molly Tanzer, and many more!  Check out the official website for more details and ticket information.

Oh, and I have to mention that I'll be a panelist at the event!  Stop by at 9:30 pm Sunday night for the Tainted Bloodlines panel!!  It will give you the chance to hear me gush about The Rats in the Wall, my first exposure to Lovecraft!


Sure, this may be pushing the horror envelope, but Attack on Titan looks so many shades of AWESOME, I have to include it.  Seriously, giant monsters attacking the last strongholds of humanity has me all in, which might include you if you watch the trailer.  The Kiggins Theatre (1011 Main Street) in Vancouver, WA will start screening Part One tonight.  The film plays at various times through October 5, so visit The Kiggins Theatre website for more details and show times.


Say his name three times, and there might be wacky hell to pay.  Beetlejuice will play at The Academy Theater (7818 SE Stark St) in Portland, OR, through October 8.  Yeah, we know the sequel is coming, but I doubt it will match the dark humor and gothic sensibilities of the original, so be sure to catch this on the big screen when you can.  The film plays multiple times throughout the week, so visit The Academy Theater website for more details and showtimes.


And, if that's not enough horrific fun for you, head to The Capitol Theater (206 5th Ave. SE) in Olympia, WA for the first of three Olympia Film Society Fright Club screenings of Rosemary's Baby.  Okay, you might have issues with Roman Polanski, but this movie is a classic of horror and worth checking out.  The show starts at 9 pm, and you can get more information, and find a link for advanced ticket sales, at the link.


The subtitled German horror film, Good Night Mommy, opens at Cinema 21 (616 NW 21st Ave) in Portland, OR tonight.  As a pair of twin brothers greet their mother after cosmetic surgery, they begin to doubt the woman is actually their parent.  And, as expected, things go bad from there.  No showtimes are listed, so check back here, or at the Cinema 21 website, closer to October.


Oh, thank you, Laurelhurst Theater (2735 E Burnside St) in Portland, OR, for kicking off your Fright Film Month with a screening of 1985's classic, Fright Night.  This film is an amazing roller coaster ride, as young Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) finds out his next door neighbor (Chris Sarandon) is a vampire, with eyes on Charley's girlfriend (Amanda Bearse).  The film starts out real slow and creepy, as Charley's suspicions about his neighbor are turn out to be true, while friends turn to a washed out horror actor (WONDERFULLY played by Roddy McDowall) to help prove Charley wrong.  

Well, it wouldn't be a classic in my mind if Charley was disproven, and the final half hour of the film contains melting bodies, giant bats, vampires turning into wolves, and a serious barrage of GREAT practical effects that should have you squealing with delight.  Oh, and Sarandon is one of the SEXIEST vampires since Lugosi, Lee and Deneuve.  The film screens at 9:30 pm, and only those 21 years of age or older will be admitted.  Visit The Laurelhurst Theater website for more details.


The Kennedy School (5736 NE 33 Ave) in Portland, OR, kicks off THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR with a screening of John Carpenter's The Thing at 9:40 pm through Sunday, October 4.  If you need more details, visit the Kennedy School Movie Page.  

Saturday, October 3

The Gill Man emerges from Grays Harbor to visit the 7th Street Theater (313 7th St) in Hoquiam, WA, for a screening of Creature from the Black Lagoon today at 7:30 pm and Sunday, October 4 at 2 pm.  Tickets are only $5 for all ages, so don't miss catching this classic Universal Monster Movie on the big screen, Grays Harbor Horror Fans!  Advance tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets, Harbor Drug, City Drug, and at the door a half hour before each screening.  But seriously, why risk missing out on this classic?  Visit the 7th Street Theater website  or the Facebook Event Page for more details and information on advance ticket sales through Brown Paper Tickets.


VHS Uber Alles and Grand Illusion Cinema (1409 NE 50th St) in Seattle, WA, start off the most wonderful time of the year right with the slasher film Hide and Go Shriek.  A group of kids try to learn from the past and hang out in a furniture store after graduation.  And they figure this will keep a homicidal maniac from hunting them down.  RIGHT!  The film starts at 9 pm, admission is only $2 and the film is presented in GLORIOUS VHS!  For more information, visit the Facebook Event Page.

Monday, October 5

Cannon Films released an amazing amount of B-Movies in the 80s, including the Missing In Action series, Masters of the Universe and Lifeforce.  The story of Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus is chronicled in Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films, playing at The Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy Blvd) in Portland, OR.  Playing through Thursday, October 8, the film includes interviews with Robert Forster, Tobe Hooper, Sybil Danning, Dolph Lundgren, Franco Nero and others.  No showtime is announced, but tickets are $8, and you can purchase advanced tickets (and find more information about the film) at The Hollywood Theatre website.

Wednesday, October 7

The Halloween season is even better at The Hollywood Theatre (4211 NE Sandy Blvd) in Portland, OR, as Movies in Black and White presents Blade, starring Wesley Snipes.  A half vampire, half human, supernatural being, Blade protects humanity from those that feast upon them.  After the film, join a discussion about race in the film.  You'll find more details about the panelists, and a link for advance ticket sales, at The Hollywood Theatre website.

Friday, October 9

The Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy Blvd) in Portland, OR, pays tribute to the late Wes Craven with a digitally restored version of A Nightmare on Elm Street though Monday, October 12.  I wish it was a 35mm print (seems more fitting), but seeing this film on the big screen will be a treat for any horror fan.  No word on show time, but the screening will set you back $8.  Visit The Hollywood Theatre website closer to the screening date for more details, or check back at The Shadow Over Portland closer to October, as I'll post showtimes when they are available.


Well, The Shining is playing again in Portland, OR, this time at The Academy Theater (7818 SE Stark St).  I guess Portland has yet to get enough of Jack being a dull boy/axe murderer.  And if you can't, check back later, or visit The Academy Theater website, in early October for showtimes.


The Olympia Film Society Fright Club continues to screen Rosemary's Baby at The Capitol Theater (206 5th Ave. SE) in Olympia, WA.  Okay, you might have issues with Roman Polanski, but this movie is a classic of horror and worth checking out.  The film starts at 9 pm, and you can get more information, and find a link for advanced ticket sales, at the link.


Fright Film Month continues at The Laurelhurst Theater (2735 E. Burnside St) in Portland, OR, as the original Friday the 13th screens through Thursday, October 15.  Influenced by giallo films, FX master Tom Savini introduced extreme gore into the American slasher genre (after the tamer, but more chilling Halloween), and 80s horror was never the same.  Check back for showtimes, or visit The Laurelhurst Theater website closer to opening night for more details.


That's all I have for this week, but you'll find more events at the Horror Calendar and The 2015 Haunted Attraction Page.  But, those will be updated as often as I can, so keep checking back for more CREEPY STUFF happening in the Pacific Northwest.

As always, should you know of, or be hosting, an event that will interest my readers (and, if you've been following this blog, you know who you are), send me an email at and I'll including as soon as I can.

Also, should you attend any of the events I've listed above, let the organizers know you read about it at The Shadow Over Portland!!

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